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Model ECRM Mako 4matic CTP
Year 2008
Location Norway
Serial no: 1329
Description Automatic loader
Internal punch 425mm (SM52, SM 74, GTO52, Ryobi 5xx)
Max. plate size: 636,9mm x 929,1 mm
Min plate size: 328,9 mm x 287,6 mm
Plate thickness: 0,15 - 0,35 mm
Inca plate processor
ECRM RIPMate (Harlequin RIP 8.0) and Mac
ECRM CtServer and windows computer
Farrukh Imposition Publisher and Mac
Can expose following plates:
-Fuji LP-NV
- Kodak Polycrome Violet plate
- Agfa N92V

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